Sunday, May 14, 2006

ADDENDUM to Announcement

Blog Now your food memories from childhood!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Food Memories From Childhood

I will be hosting Lasang Pinoy 10 and my chosen theme is Food Memories from Childhood.

Sometime during our childhood we are reminded of taste, flavors and aroma from particular ocasions, events, seasons, places and the people we are with...

Way, way back in the early sixties after an intramural of patintero, we would all rush to the school canteen and get a cool drink of Canada Dry Uva or Champagne - that tasted like Apple Sidra. Walking home from school along South Super (Slow) Highway, my friends and I would pass by the sari-sari store and refresh ourselves with ice cold Barley's Choco Vim or Pineapple.

During weekends after saving a little extra from our baon the barkada would partake of a feast of "tira-tira", a chewy-sticky stick that comes in yellow and brown, so sticky that you would need a long-nose pliers to pull the gooey from your teeth. And who can forget the popular 5 pieces per 5 centavos TEXAS Bubblegum.

Strolls at the Lunteta (now Rizal Park) after noche buena, the barkada would walk all the way to Manila Hotel from Makati City and sniff off the aroma from their Christmas eve buffet. The aroma made us so hungry that we rushed to the nearest stall of "fresfly cooked puto-bongbong and bibingka with red egg and imagine we were wining and dining at the historical halls of The Pearl of the Orient-The Manila Hotel.

And more to come...ABANGAN!