Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lasang Pinoy 10: Food Memories From Childhood (The Round-up)

Memories of childhood take us to simpler times - days of lazy summer afternoons or rainy days when we would splash in the puddles to our heart's content. Most often than not, a wonderful childhood includes memories of food. Our grandmother's cooking, our neighbor's fruit-laden trees, candies brought home by our aunties and many more!

For the 10th edition of Lasang Pinoy, we chose to reminisce and unearth those happy days of yore. It must be the summer, when Filipino children are home, relishing every moment of their summer vacation.

Let's walk down memory lane with the following entries . . .

Ces in New York writes about her childhood of Sarsi and Sago at EssenCes.

Prutas (fruits) and her dad's fruit trees are Iska's fondest food memories of her childhood at Edible Experiments.

Karen blogs about humba learned from her grandmother over at The Pilgrim's Pots and Pans.

Marketman shares his strongest childhood food memories of sampalok and kiamoy at Market Manila.

Mike offers up a bunch of Filipino food favorites, including our much-loved junk foods, in his post at Lafang.

JMom recalls growing up in Baguio and grandma's real old-fashioned bibingka in their kitchen.

Tina in New Jersey treats us to some lovely ice candy, a favorite childhood treat, at her blog Choppingboard.

Toni indulges us with a favorite childhood snack of pandesal and condensed milk at Wifely Steps.

It's all in the milk for Ting Aling's childhood food memories at World Class CuiScene.

Lani, over at Chibog, Chika, Lakwacha, Atbp. remembers her childhood afternoons eating binatog or nilupak with her siblings.

Mira in Quezon City recalls her late father in Mirsbin's Kitchen.

Annalyn of Ajay's Writings On The Wall recalls the nutribun and guinamos in her post about being a picky child.

Gabriella True joins us in celebrating our Pinoy childhood by blogging about her own childhood at My Life As A Reluctant Housewife.

Ruth walks down memory lane with us on her post at Once Upon A Feast.

Buhay Cocinero's Culinary Epiphany

To everyone, thank you for partcipating. See you all at Lasang Pinoy 11!