Sunday, May 14, 2006

ADDENDUM to Announcement

Blog Now your food memories from childhood!

Please leave a comment here or send an eamil to
with your:
Blog and URL
Blog post Permalink on or before the 31st of May. I will be doing a round-up a few days later. If you do not have a blog but want to participate, email or comment and one of us will be happy to host your entry.

All Filipno bloggers are highly encouraged to join this event whether they are in the country or abroad. Non-Food blogers of Filipno ancestry are also invited no matter how many generations they have been out of the country or who have never been to the Philippines but still identify themsleves as core Filipino (or part Filipino, married or related to Filipnos).

Entries from other Filipino food and culture enthusiasts are most welcome. Non-bloggers may also join for as long as their entires are hosted in any blog.

For more information on Lasang Pinoy, please visit http://www.